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Sustain the Earth! On European Buddhist podcast with Gunaketu

Written by Emilia Raunio and Martin Landschein

In this ECO-Dharma Episode we delved into the pressing issue of sustainability in our modern world. In the serene surroundings of the Maison Notre Dame Du Chant D’Oiseau, a historic monastery nestled in the heart of Brussels, we sat down during the AGM breaks to explore the theme of sustainability. Our guest for this conversation is Gunaketu, an ordained member into the Triratna Buddhist Order and a speaker at the Eco-Dharma Workshops. Gunaketu generously shared his insights on what it means to lead a sustainable life, shedding light on the role Buddhists can play in this endeavor and his personal journey towards maintaining a positive outlook.

Throughout our discussion, Gunaketu underscores that sustainability and justice have emerged as pivotal movements in recent decades. These movements serve as guiding beacons, offering a glimpse of what a new, sustainable society might resemble. In his capacity as a passionate advocate for sustainability among Buddhists in Norway, Gunaketu is also a significant contributor to the Eco-Dharma Network, an initiative led by the EBU.

Tune in and be with us as we talked about how to cultivate a more sustainable and harmonious world, one mindful step at a time!

The "European Buddha podcast" inquires how the wisdom of buddhism is lived and practiced in the „West“. Every last Friday of the month, Emilia Raunio and Martin Landschein welcome guests from various traditions on different topics. See more

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